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Dynamics AX add-ons

Dynamics AX add-ons

Dyxon develops and distributes numerous solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Microsoft Axapta). Our experienced experts develop inexpensive, completely integrated, state-of-the-art add-ons for the Microsoft Dynamics AX Toolset. Our products only modify standard objects if absolutely necessary, thus ensuring that the AX layer technology continues to be used and the user-friendliness and efficiency of the system is maintained.
Unfortunately, there are still many badly developed add-ons on the market, which are faulty or cause unnecessary additional costs in case of an AX upgrade. In order to avoid these inconveniences, Dyxon develops their products using the latest technologies of the software industry and test the compatibility of all their modules.

Download Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 Software Solution Test Guidelines

We use the feedbacks of our clients to constantly extend and improve our modules. All our products are delivered with a user manual.
Every Dyxon add-on is complemented with a configuration key and a security key that allow you to manage access rights.
All add-ons are available in English and German.

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Available add-ons

LabAX Label Printing
LabAX enables Microsoft Dynamics AX to print labels containing text, barcodes and graphical components on virtually any label printer. No additional software is required to print labels!
Report Mailer
Automate the sending of reports simply and rapidly and create individual e-mail templates. Even Lotus Notes is supported!
Use the efficient functionalities of Microsoft Office Word to create documents from Dynamics AX.
HTML Print
The HTML Print add-on offers many design options for Dynamics AX documents.
Smart Query
Find records for which there are no records in the linked table (not exists join) in a very rapid and easy way. It is also possible to use placeholders to search in date fields.
Advanced Alerts
Send e-mails to customers, AX-users and any e-mail recipient. The alert recipient can automatically be extracted from the alert record. Only one alert rule is required for all recipients!
Bulk Data Modification
Modify large amounts of data with just a few mouse clicks within seconds.
Form Refresh
Refresh all records of a form without having to re-open it.
Select Last Record
When opening a form, this add-on highlights the record that was selected when the form was closed.