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Word template
Word template
Template with XML tags
Template with XML tags
Generated document
Generated document
Properties for XML tag (data field)
Properties for XML tag (data field)

Do you want to create invoices and price lists that leave a good impression and correspond to your corporate design? The layout restrictions of Dynamics AX are no longer an issue when you use AXWord. In a few simple steps, you create a document template in Microsoft Office Word which you can then fill with data from Dynamics AX in order to create an invoice, price list or article description in the desired layout. Thanks to the interface between the Dynamics AX data and your Word template, you save time and are able to create documents that follow your company's layout guidelines.


  • Unrestricted design options thanks to the use of a Word template
  • The complete AX data origin (table or field or display method) is defined in Word through XML tags.
  • Links between tables and complex filters may be defined in the Word template.
  • Templates with multiple lines per table (e.g. invoice lines) are fully supported. The lines can be displayed as a Word table or in any other format.
  • Formats for numbers or dates can be defined in the template.
  • Microsoft Office Word is only required for the creation of the template. The documents can be generated from Dynamics AX without MS Office Word.
  • The add-on supports template documents in xml or docx format.
  • Documents can be created in xml, doc, docx and pdf format.
  • Simple integration into existing processes (e.g. invoice posting)
  • Thanks to an included AX document type, the add-on supports the creation and linking of documents with any data records (AX standard document handling).
  • A special document creation function for tables linked according to the user's requirements is included in the add-on. It allows the user to create price lists, article catalogues etc. without having to customize AX.
  • Very fast creation of documents

Available for

  • Dynamics AX 2009
  • Dynamics AX 4.0


  • Current prices can be found here.