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Bulk Data Modification

Bulk Data Modification form
Bulk Data Modification form

With the "Bulk Data Modification" add-on, bulk data updates (modifications of large amounts of data) are done within seconds with just a few mouse clicks. You do not need to be proficient in SQL nor use Excel as a helping tool. Any Dynamics AX user with the corresponding access rights can work with the Bulk Data Modification tool without any problems.
Bulk Data Modification replaces the fill utility deprecated in AX2012 R2.


  • Security: The tool takes into account the field settings (active/inactive) of tables and masks and performs standard validations when modifying data. This ensures that the data cannot be modified by mistake. Other methods of bulk data modification do not include verifications and can thus easily generate corrupt data.
  • Easy to use: Any Dynamics AX user can work with the tool. It is therefore not necessary to contact an AX administrator every time a large amount of data has to be changed.
  • Access rights: It is possible and makes sense to restrict the access to the tool to certain users.
  • The tool can be accessed from any mask through the function "Record information". The records filtered in the mask are modified. The number of records to be changed is shown in the modification mask.
  • The values of each data type can be changed: numerical, text, date, time and selection (dropdown and checkbox)
  • Calculations: Numerical values can be replaced or changed in relation to the existing value (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).
  • Text values can either be replaced or pre- or suffixed.
  • If a field contains look-up or default values, only these values can be selected.
  • Date values can be replaced or a new date can be calculated based on the existing one.
  • If necessary, the record validation can be skipped.

Examples of use

  • Price changes: Increase of the cost price in the item master by 2% by simply multiplying the existing price by 1.02 (see illustration).
  • Modification of the price group in the customer master table for customers of a certain customer group
  • Replacement of sales responsibles in all open sales orders


Available for

  • Dynamics AX 2012 R2
  • Dynamics AX 2009
  • Dynamics AX 4.0, all SPs
  • Dynamics AX 3.0, all SPs


  • Current prices can be found here.