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HTML Print

From editor to document
From editor to document
Example on an invoice
Example on an invoice
Note on a packing slip
Note on a packing slip

The design of Microsoft Dynamics AX reports is not very flexible and cannot be customised to your individual needs without changing the code of the application.

The Dyxon HTML Print add-on provides the user with a tool to create content that can be printed on any report. Layout options include font styles, colours, backgrounds, frames, images and more. Text sections may contain various font styles within one block. An example on what the tool offers is shown on the right.

All a programmer or power user needs to do is adding a section control and two lines of code to the report.
The most important feature of this add-on: Any user may change the report content with a built-in graphical editor or any external HTML editor. Most HTML tags and basic CSS are supported.

Dyxon HTML Print allows you to

  • Create clearer documents by working with italics, bold characters, frames etc.
  • Print individual notes designed by usersĀ (based on AX document handling). These notes can be attached to any record (e.g. sales orders).
  • Temporarily communicate extra information such as special offers, anniversaries and company holidays.
  • Respect your corporate design guidelines and use your company logo
  • Design product sheets with images in an attractive layout


Available for

  • Dynamics AX 2009
  • Dynamics AX 4.0 (on request)


  • Current prices can be found here. To learn how to order this product, click here.