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Smart Query

Filter form with Smart Query
Filter form with Smart Query

Dynamics AX offers practical functions to search for and filter data. With the possibility to link additional tables in the filter form, the tool provides almost unlimited possibilities to search for data.

There are, however, some limitations:

  • If additional tables in the filter form are linked, a corresponding record in the table attached is required (exists join).
  • To search for a date, the user has to enter an absolute date or date range.
  • Queries can only be saved per user.

With the "Smart Query" add-on, records for which there are no records in the table attached can be found quickly in a very simple way (not exists join).
It is also possible to use placeholders to search in date fields. Date value filters in batch jobs can thus be set in relation to the execution date.
Queries can be saved for all users, thus the same query doesn't have to be created for every user.


  • Easy to use: The tool is integrated into the standard filter mask. For any linked table, the mode can be changed from „exists join" to „not exists join".
  • The "not exists join" setting is saved, just as all other filter settings.
  • Access rights: It is possible to restrict the access to the tool to certain users.
  • Date filters with placeholders: Search for current date (today), beginning or end of current month, period, quarter or year. Search in relation to “placeholder date” (+- x days or months). Searching for today is as simple as typing a "d", tomorrow "d+1" etc.
  • In case of batch jobs, placeholders are saved in the query and replaced with the corresponding date in every run.
  • Save queries for all users. All users can select these queries in addition their own saved queries.
  • Select saved queries on the report dialog form; there's no need to open the query selection form.

Examples of use

  • Find clients for which no contact person has been entered into the system (see illustration).
  • Search for items without record in the bar code table.
  • Fins items without stock on hand, or without transactions within a certain timeframe
  • View sales orders without positions.
  • Find suppliers from whom nothing has ever been ordered.
  • Easy search for overdue deliveries (today -10 days) with placeholder “d-10..d”.
  • Adding a filter to your favourites in order to display sales orders with delivery date up to “today +10 days” without having to modify the filter every day.


Available for

  • Dynamics AX 2012 R3
  • Dynamics AX 2012 R2 
  • Dynamics AX 2012
  • Dynamics AX 2009
  • Dynamics AX 4.0, all SPs
  • Dynamics AX 3.0, all SPs


  • Current prices can be found here.